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Free sex game: “Legally blonde”. Erotic game, “Lawyer blonde.” Charming blonde, Mrs. Swallows, that would get a job secretary, came into the office, for an interview. Head immediately praised her curvy shape, decided to try it during sex, because he needed a secretary that can fuck. She was ready for such a development and foresight not wore panties. She willingly have sex with him in different poses and even gave him in the ass, reaffirming its commitment to the boss. Head was very pleased with the new secretary and took her to work. And finally, finished the warm sperm in her beautiful, sexy mouth.

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87 Responses to Legally blonde

  • Ryder:

    This game is hot! should include moaning and grunting as well in addition to the background music

  • de-ribas:

    Hi Kym,

    Click on “Play”

    If the games do not work, try to go through another browser,
    or search in Google: “what to do if flash games do not work.”
    There is a lot of information on this issue.

  • Kym:

    How do I start ?

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