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Porno game: “Ban and Jericho”. A parody of the famous anime series “The Seven Deadly Sins”. Ban and Jericho, while traveling, stayed overnight at the hotel. Jericho wants to fuck, but does not know how to attract the attention of his beloved. Having resorted to tricks, she manages to persuade Ban to go to bed with her, but that was all that Jericho was able to achieve, Ban still did not pay attention to her and also forbade her to molest him. The next day, in the morning, noticing the erect penis of sleeping Ban, Jericho could not resist and gave him a blowjob. Now, for Jericho sucking a dick without permission, Ban will punish her, and she knew how it would be. Finally, it happened, Jericho achieved what she had dreamed for so long.

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