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It is recommended to use a desktop computer for these games, but mobile devices are no exception, you can also play on them.

Many flash games (over 98%) they already work using an emulator and are supported in all browsers without additional plugins, however, on a “weak” mobile device, some games may not start or “crash” due to lack of resources.
The problem is solved by reducing the quality of animation.
A long tap on the game screen opens a menu where it can be done.
In the same menu, you can expand the game window to full screen.

It takes some time to load the game in the emulator, and at this point, a blank screen may be displayed in the player.
If you do not see a warning that “The plugin is not supported” or something like that, do not rush to close the page, the game will start soon.
!!! Since the emulator is currently under development, some games may experience a violation of the positioning of graphic elements.

Games that are not yet supported by the emulator can be played in a portable flash player that does not require installation in the system.
On the pages with such games, there is a link for the player. Download the player >> run it by double-clicking on the file >> click “File” >> “Open” >> insert the link to the game >> click “Ok”, wait for the game to load and play.
Works only on Windows.

Portable Flash Player: Download

The same player in the RAR archive: Download

Also, in games that are not yet supported by the emulator can be played using browsers, such as “Maxthon” and others.
Download and install the browser, insert the address in the address or search bar and play:

Maxthon: Download from the official site

Also, for Flash animation to work in browsers, plugins must be installed.
If the games don’t work, download and install them.

Flashplayer32_win.exe: Download
flashplayer32_winpep.exe: Download
The same plugins in the archive: Download
Plugins for Windows only. For other systems, can be found on the net.

I wish you a pleasant time!

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