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Erotic game: “Boobelma gets spooked 6”. Moved into the past and put up for sale at the auction of slaves, Boobelma lived up to the hopes of her future master. She treated his cock like a real, thoroughbred whore, and he bought her. An unenviable prospect awaited Boobelma, she became a sex slave, and now she will have to serve the cocks of anxious men all her life. In addition, her master turned out to be an inventive pervert, he decided to arrange a ritual of debauchery for his slave and try her narrow holes for strength with the help of a devilish sex machine. Meanwhile, while sexual experiments were being carried out with Boobelma’s ass, Shaggy and Scooby tried to find her and continue the mission they had begun.
!!! If you see a black screen, please wait for the game to load.

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