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Hentai game: “Boobieleached: A trip to the hot springs”. A parody of the anime “Bleach”. Ichido had been fighting a lot lately, fight after fight had exhausted him thoroughly, and the guy needed a little rest. On the advice of Fukia, Ichido and his friends go to a resort hotel to the hot springs. Arriving at the place, tired from the road, Ichido goes to the springs to relax in a hot bath and meets Yorusluti there. She also decided to relieve fatigue and completely naked, heated her ass on hot stones. The girl was bored, she wanted sex, and Ichido, very timely, was there. The guy understood what the girl wanted and did not object to the offer to wash his back. Bursting flying soap bubbles, help Yorusluti lather up big, beautiful tits and give the guy a massage. And then, the girl finds out that Ichido’s cock is much bigger than she expected.

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