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Sexy game: “Boom Town wrestling 2”. Baka, dressed in a turkey costume, handed out flyers with an offer to visit the Supermarket and buy turkeys for Thanksgiving with a 25% discount. A girl suddenly appeared and disrupted his plans. The girl’s name was Bigguns, she was a bounty hunter and came from the distant future to arrest Baka for illegally interfering with the passage of time. Baka recently traveled through time, did not deny himself anything there, and now there were claims against him. A terrified guy, fleeing from a harsh girl, runs to his uncle, the owner of the Boom Town wrestling club. Fortunately, at that time the mayor was in the club, who stood up for Baka. As it turned out, the bounty hunter did not have a warrant for the arrest of the guy and, according to the law of the present time, she had no right to arrest him and if she still goes for it, she may have problems in the future. But the mayor was an honest man and offered a solution to the situation. Since there were not enough wrestlers in Boom Town at the moment, the girl was invited to perform in the ring and in case of her victory, she was allowed to arrest Baka and take his to the future. Today, Baka will enter the ring against a bounty hunter and if he loses, he has every chance to go to trial in the year 2999.
!!! If you see a black screen, please wait for the game to load.

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