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Hentai game: “Date with an ophthalmologist”. Help a guy named Andrew Reed go through a medical board to get a driver’s license. It seems that there is nothing complicated, but visiting a medical institution is already a quest. So, we are going to the city hospital No. 3. All the necessary examinations have already been completed, and you just have to visit an ophthalmologist. After talking with the administrator of the hospital, we find out that an ophthalmologist named Isabella Ruiz is currently conducting a morning rounds, and we must find her. No problem. We find the beauty Isabella, but she has a lot of work and, to speed up the process, she offers you to find a table for eye examination, a plastic card for covering your eyes and a blank in a clean form, and when everything is found, welcome to the ophthalmologist’s office. During the test, for visual acuity, use the keyboard. If your eyes are in perfect order, we can assume that You have received a driver’s license. After that, you can retire with Isabella in a private room of the hospital, where You will learn what else is capable of women ophthalmologists.

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