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Porn game: “Elica Honkers – The adventures quest”. A cute red-haired elf, named Elica Honkers, works as a waitress at the “Wild Boar” tavern. She had always really wanted to join the Adventurer’s Guild, and one day she decided. At night, taking the boss’s gold to pay the entrance fee, Erica went to meet her dream. In the guild, the girl was warmly welcomed, given a uniform and weapons, and also offered to try a quest for beginners. It was necessary to check the cave, which is located in the lost forest and find out why people are afraid to go there. The brave Elica goes to the cave and falls into the clutches of evil orcs. The Orcs agree to make concessions and leave the cave if Elica defeats them in a drinking tournament, but if she can’t, the three of them will fuck her. Elica has no choice, and she agrees to the deal.
!!! If you see a black screen, please wait for the game to load.

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