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Porno game: “Fruit bar”. On Friday night, when there wasn’t much to do, you got a call from Annie, a pretty girl who goes to the same University as you. She asked to urgently replace her at work. Annie works at her father’s fruit bar, but tonight she has to prepare to retake the exam she recently failed. Of course, you cannot refuse to help such a sexy girl, especially since she is ready for anything for that. The work is not difficult. It is required, taking into account the wishes of customers, to mix fruit cocktails for them. You must earn at least $ 100 per evening. Try to serve all the customers of the bar so that they are satisfied, Annie will not be in debt for this, she is a smart girl and knows how to thank men. In addition, for a delicious cocktail of two parts grapes and three water, from one of the clients, a pleasant surprise awaits you.

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