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Sexy erotic game: “Lavindor kingdom”. This sexy game is an entertaining quest. Events take place in the Kingdom lavindor. The king has a very delicate problem, he lost interest in his queen, dick is not responding to affection, and to fuck her he does not want. Fortunately in the Kingdom lived the famous healer, Murton, who can help the king. Healer given three days to make a potion for, and he will be well rewarded. You have to spend a little time in the role of Mr. Murton. To collect all the ingredients for the potion will be required to travel to different places of the Kingdom, and visit the charming women. All women are horny and want to fuck, their wet pussy is looking forward to sex. According to this, to get the ingredients for potion, have to work hard and deliver the girls pleasure. Feel free, ebite them in every hole and do not forget to give to suck your dick, they are very fond of. If you are ready to cope with this is not an easy task, go to the king. But first, fuck cutie Felicia, which come to you in the hut.

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15 Responses to Lavindor kingdom

  • Kevin Simms:

    Love the milk spray from the elf! That was awesome.
    Great game!
    This needs to be a full rpg/series

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