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Free adult game: “Masha”. This is a small story from the life of a woman named Masha. Masha’s house ran out of milk, there was no money, and she decided to take a desperate act, went to the store and stole a package of milk. But on this day, fortune turned away from her. The woman was caught, and the judge issued a sentence, corporal punishment with a lash. In the central square of the city, Masha was forced to undress, and the sentence was carried out. But that was not all. After punishment, the woman was not released, she chained, stayed overnight in the square. Fortunately there was a well-wisher. The stranger offered Masha a deal, he will let her go free, but first would fuck in the ass. There was no other choice, and Masha agreed. She knelt and dutifully provided the small, hot hole to her rescuer. The stranger kept his word, having satisfied his sexual desires with the help of the poor woman’s ass, he let her go on all four sides.

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