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Porn game: “Ninja-Akali”. If you have a great desire to fuck Ninja Assassin Akali, you need to be patient and to win it in an intuitive porn game. Will have the choice to cut off the head of Akali or have sex with her. Even if it will carry head off the menu will not go away and have sex with ninjas at any time. Proceed at this point. Throw defeated girl to the ground and tear off her clothes. Naked Akali understands that joke with her and are not going willingly spreads legs to facilitate access to their partner hot vagina. And we need to click on the arrow at the bottom left and watch horny dick furiously fucked in every hole, a young ninja, Akali. If there is no desire to fight to go directly to the intimate scenes in the beginning of the game, select “WATCH PORN”.

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