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Porn game: “Nintendo Christmas”. This incredible story happened during the celebration of Christmas. The four girl friends, Peach, Samus, Zelda, and Rosalina, were having fun, drinking wine, singing songs, and dancing. Everything was going just fine until Peach decided to treat her friends to mushrooms. As a result, the girls ‘ tits and asses instantly increased in size and their bodies began to look extremely sexy. But the most pleasant thing is that Santa decided to visit the girls, he, as always happens at Christmas, went down the chimney and landed in a kindled fireplace. Santa’s ass was badly burned, and he was counting on compensation. The girls knew what to do, their tender lips and elastic ass are always ready to console the capricious old man.
!!! The game takes a long time to load, please wait.
It is recommended to use the Mozilla Firefox browser, in others, the game may slow down.

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