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Sex flash game: “Once at a party”. The mayor of a small town, named Frank, gave a party to which were invited the most respected people of the city. When the party was in full swing, a new young mayor’s wife decided to have fun. Since she and her husband had not had sex for two months, she really wanted to fuck, and got drunk and climbed under the table to make a blowjob to Mr. Donovan, who kept his eyes on her tits all evening. When the girl sucked cock, she loudly smacking, and she was seen by this nephew of old Ben, George, and right under the table, fucked a horny cutie. Further, the farmer fucked in the ass Cindy, the wife of his boss, Mr. Ben Ferguson. Ben, as always, got drunk, and his wife had to return home alone through the forest, where the farmer was already waiting for her. And since the farmer with his sexual partner behaved extremely not cautiously, they were discovered by Mr. Donovan wife, who also likes to play pranks. And now, what would a woman not telling Mr. Ben Ferguson that his wife fucks the farmer, the farmer will have to lick lustful pussy of Mrs. Donovan.

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