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Porn game: “PerVsona 5”. Cumoshida was an ambitious volleyball coach. And although he always had strange sexual fantasies in his head, he managed to keep them to himself. But one day he was possessed by shadow demons, and his perverted nature completely took over his mind. Now Cumoshida is a lustful, vain, cruel and extremely selfish bully. He has built a palace where he is preparing plans to take over the world. With the help of an army of shadow warriors, he is going to turn all the women of the planet into his sex slaves. His only weak point is the magic crown and he may lose it, as his former student, Anna, a secret fighter against the forces of evil, is going to stop Cumoshida before he becomes too powerful. The upcoming duel will determine whether Anna will be able to take the crown and leave quietly or she will have to suck the dick of a lustful guy.
!!! If you see a black screen, please wait for the game to load.

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