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Flash porn game: “Pokemon go Party”. Full version. A guy named Ash loves to play Pokemon Go. He was so carried away by hunting for Pokemons, and spend all their time on this activity, it is now left without friends. But it was not all so bad, Ash received an SMS from girlfriend, who haven’t seen for a long time, she invited him to a party, where gather the participants Pokemon Go to have fun. The next day, Ash went to a party and was very happy meeting with his girlfriend, he did not see the girl for many years, it has matured, became sexy, and now her is possible to fuck. The party has begun. Help the girl give to drink Ash, quickly press the mouse button to swallow a drink. Then give to drink girl, move the mouse to the right, that would pour the drink, to the left to stop pouring, monitor oxygen levels, otherwise she will suffocate. When the girlfriend will be drunken, the fun begins. Make a naked girl pleasantly, caress her pussy and delicious tits, and also do not forget to insert a finger in the ass, she loves this. Then, when the girl will be excited and wet, Ash will be able to fuck her in all intimate holes, because for this he was invited.

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