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XXX game: “The Powerfuck Girls”. A parody of the animated series “The Powerpuff Girls”. Actions take place in the city Fucksville. Professor E. Rection, using sugar, spice, and everything nice, tried to create three cute, beautiful girls, but accidentally added Chemical X. Thus were born Powerfuck Girls, which was called, Bloomy, Bubbly, and Butterscotch. They have super powers, look sexy, have a mouth-watering tits and protect your city from villains. One day, called the mayor, and informed that the villain Moho Jojo, captured the mayor’s office. The girls rushed to the rescue. Moho Jojo prepared for the meeting with Powerfuck Girls, he used the toxin that neutralized the force of girls. The result is Bloomy, Bubbly, and Butterscotch, have become common, horny bitches, who want to fuck. Now Moho Jojo well entertained. He and his friends will fuck Powerfuck Girls , in mouth, sexy ass and pussy. This time the evil triumphed.
!!! The game may take a long time to load, a black screen is displayed when loading.

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