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Adult game, demo version: “Schoolgirl curse 3: The joyrides of sex”. Demonic idol of ancient transsexuals, again finds a victim. Girlfriends decided to have fun and, taking a new car of the father of one of the girls, went for a drive. They did not notice the ancient idol on the road and hit it, as a result the car was damaged and the girls needed help. Girlfriends did not even guess that, after disturbing the idol, they would undergo the curse of the demonic penis. Julie went to look for help, and Stacy, studying the wreckage of the idol, thoughtlessly touched a dick of the idol and turned into a shemale. Now she has a big cock and an unstoppable desire to fuck other women. And fortunately, the girlfriends were close. Since the curse is transmitted from the victim to the victim, the girls will not be bored, their pussies will not be left without sexual attention.

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