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Free sex game: “Schoolgirl curse 3: The joyrides of sex”. The girlfriends decided to have fun and, taking a brand new car of the father of one of the girls, went for a ride. Not noticing an ancient idol on the road, they crushed it. As a result, the relic was destroyed, the car was damaged, and the girls needed help. The girlfriends did not even realize that by disturbing the idol of transsexuals, they would be cursed. Curious Stacy, studying the wreckage of the idol, inadvertently touched his penis and reincarnated as a shemale. The demonic idol of ancient transsexuals has once again found its victim. At Stacy instantly grew a big man’s cock, she was possessed by lust and an irrepressible desire to fuck women. Fortunately, the girlfriends were nearby, and it would not be difficult to take possession of their pussies, so in the near future the girls will have something to do. The curse can be transmitted from victim to victim sexually, but former victims cannot inherit the curse a second time. Who, in the end, will be left with a big dick between their legs?

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