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Adult erotic game: “Star mission”. The events unfolding in the year 3050. As a result of the long, bloody intergalactic war, the male population has decreased dramatically. Now all men belong to the United Galactic Federation and are used only for the reproduction of new people. Males are in special cryogenic capsules and delivered to different parts of the universe for the settlement of the population. Our hero, named Chuck McLroy, one of those sperm – donor. He is forced to jerk off his dick on the orders of Galactic Government, and is currently sent to the Reproduction Center of Venus 5024, on the spaceship “Sower 69”. But something went wrong, and because of the problems in a cryogenic capsule, by Chuck woke up ahead of time. Help the poor guy escape from slavery and find freedom. Explore a spaceship, help female staff to solve a small problems, and beautiful cuties will be happy to remove the panties, what would you to fuck their horny pussy. If you do it right, you can Wake the other guys, grab a spaceship and fuck all the sexy girls.

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