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Porn game: “Stepmom’s revenge”. The guy, named Jerry, was abandoned by a friend Julia, she found another friend and now fucks with him. The unhappy guy came to the apartment of the former girlfriend to pick up their things and met Mrs. Coleson. She was a stepmother Julia, had big boobs, and looked very sexy. Her name was Vivianna. The woman told Jerry, what a bitch Julia, steals clothes and money, and fucks with her friends. To get revenge on a bad girl, Vivianna offered to have sex, she really wanted to, what would Jerry fucked her. The guy tried to stop horny woman, but when he saw her naked, his dick involuntarily climbed out. Jerry put Mrs. Coleson on the bed belly down, fell in behind and began diligently to fuck lewd woman in her pussy and ass. Vivianna was a great lover, she knew a lot about sex and has done everything in the best possible way.

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