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XXX game: “The fate of Hinata”. Naruto a long time ago is in love with Hinata. Three weeks ago, he received from her a love letter in which she offered her heart, soul and beautiful body. Today, he finally plucked up enough courage to visit the leaf ninja village and talk to the girl. Naruto did not know, that the house Hyuga clan reigns continuous debauchery, and what he saw left him in shock. Hinata, on her knees, gave the elder a blowjob. She diligently sucked a big dick and, under the approval of the old pervert, obediently swallowed sperm. Further, the unfortunate Naruto had to watch how a lustful elder, in a doggy style pose, fucks a submissive girl in a tender ass. Naruto had no idea that Hinata was sacrificing her body for him. To help Naruto, she is willing to endure all humiliation and have sex with anyone with whom she is ordered.
!!! There may be a slight pause between scenes.

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