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Free porn game: “Welcome Guests”. On Christmas night, flying sleigh rides past the house girl Linda, Santa and his assistant is wrecked, fall of the lake and, breaking through the ice, are in the water. Linda rushes to the aid of the guests, saves, and drags on a sled to his house. What would warm up Santa and his assistant, she makes a blowjob, eagerly caressing frozen penises its hot lips. When guests warmed up a and bit excited, decided to have fun, and fucked Linda all intimate holes in different poses. Finally, cum in mouth, Christmas sperm. Linda will be a long time to remember, with tender feelings, a surprise visit Santa’s favorite.

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9 Responses to Welcome Guests

  • Laura:

    When that, I also had sex with two guys.
    We got drunk for Christmas. They put me in a Doggy style pose and began to fuck.
    One fucked my mouth and the other in pussy.
    But before that they had to lick me for a long time.
    And it was good.

  • paulina.k:


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