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Sex game: “Where’s the milk?”. There was a December 24 Christmas Eve. Tons of people metropolis Meet and Fuck went to the mall to buy the favorite cookies. But not here, was. Manufacturers cookies did not deliver milk on time, and without it is not possible to make cookies. But spoiled citizens do not care about other people’s problems, they raged and require his cookies. Returned from holiday the store owner, Mrs. Megamounds, seeing what was happening, terribly angry, her business was on the verge of collapse, but bright-eyed assistant named Marty have a rescue plan. He recently bought in a sex shop, an old milking machine, and Mrs. Megamounds big juicy tits and sure they will have enough milk, that would come out of a difficult situation. There are no other options, and the woman agrees to be a little cash cow. Connect the milking machine to the tender nipples and control the milking process that would get enough milk. Since this procedure is not familiar and rather tedious for sexy women, you need breaks to help her relax with intimate massage, but just in case tie it tighter. And then you will see how cunning Marty fucked his gullible boss.

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