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Sexual game: “Xmas payrise 7”. Elf Sparky accidentally blabbed to Santa Claus about his wife’s sexual adventures. After learning about how and with whom Mrs. Claus is cheating on him, Santa flew into a rage and banished Sparky to the frozen wasteland. A couple of weeks later, Santa realized that without a hard working assistant, he would not have time to prepare for Christmas. It was necessary to return Sparky urgently. In search of an elf, Santa sent his unfaithful wife. While exploring the neighborhood in the hope of finding Sparky, Mrs. Claus went too far from the village of elves and got lost. It is unknown how the search could have ended if she had not met a terrible monster. The hairy guy liked the appetizing female ass and now, most likely, Mrs. Claus will have a fun time.

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