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Free hentai game: “Zombies”. Few survived the disaster. But sometimes the lucky few get not only water and ammunition. This story is about a woman who, as a few, managed to survive after the zombie apocalypse. Now she is forced to wander through the ruins of his city in search of food and ammunition. Everywhere, in search of prey, went terrible zombies, and a woman named Abby, had to behave very carefully, but she was so carried away by looting that did not notice how was trapped. Now her lustful ass was in great danger. Fortunately, one of the survivors came to the rescue, it was a man named Zak. He killed the already dead zombies, and wanted to rob Abby, but the sight of a naked female body awakened his forgotten instincts in him. Today, Abby and Zak will remember what sex is and not for long forget about the terrible reality.

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