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Erotic game: “Accidental meeting”. Joseph specialist in the installation and configuration of local networks, loves to swim, and on saturday visited the pool. There he meets a cute girl named by Ashley, she looks great, has a mouth-watering tits, and it would be nice to fuck her. Fortunately such a possibility exists. Company, where Ashley works as a marketing director, to improve performance, is required between divisions create a local network. You need to connect to the network all the computers, in the three rooms. Walk to the end three mini-games and get a nice reward. Ashley a good girl, she’ll reward you sex, because like everyone else, she too loves to fuck. Go to her house and good have fun with her hot, naughty pussy.
P.S. Still have the opportunity to fuck Ashley right in the pool, you have to exercise tact during a conversation. Also don’t forget to take into account the request of their sexual partner, and regulate the speed of shoving dick in her vagina.

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