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Erotic game: “Aladdin and the magic lamp”. This porn game is about a naive guy named Aladdin. He long sought a magic lamp and finally found it. Now he can wish for anything, gorgeous clothes a lot of camels and all the beautiful life is waiting for him. Looking forward to all this, he fiercely rubbed the lamp, extracting gin from there. But the guy was disappointed, gin was a woman with big tits. She could not give him any camels or clothes, but she could fulfill six desires connected with sex. Her areas of expertise included the duty to sexually entertain such losers as Aladdin, and she able to deliver for his master any woman. Thanks to the magic lamp Aladdin realized almost all of his sexual fantasies, to him sucked a dick, he had plenty of sex, and even tasted the taste of a woman’s pussy, it was a pity that there were only six desires.

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