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Porn game: “Baka’s Christmas Bangeroo”. A guy named Baka, as always in his repertoire. This time, he failed a test in physics at a local college. The professor agrees to make concessions and raise the grade if Baka will act as an elf at a Christmas party, in a shopping center where the professor’s sister-in-law, Vicky Mercer, and her husband, dressed in Mrs. and Mr. Klaus, will be engaged in charity. Baka agrees and goes to the shopping center the same night. When the party ended and everyone left, Baka stayed to help clean up the christmas props. Mr. Mercer also had to leave to attend an extremely important meeting. Baka and Vicky were left alone in the mall. Looking at a sexy woman, the guy could no longer restrain their emotions, he pulled out his dick began to jerk off, but this only excited Baka, and now, to get a real treat to have, must hard fuck, sweet Vicky.

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