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Hentai game: “Boom Town: Watermelons Wendy vs Timmy”. Boom Town Wrestling is a small wrestling network that organizes matches in cities around the world. Boom Town differs from most wrestling corporations in that it tries to attract fans from the crowd to challenge the wrestlers. But the most important thing is that all the wrestlers of Boom Town are athletically built, sexy women. If a contestant manages to defeat one of the beautiful wrestlers, he is allowed to fuck her right there in the ring. Usually, daredevils who have challenged a professional female wrestler have no chance of winning, but tonight may go down in history, as Wendy, the champion of Boom Town, had the temerity to offend the janitor Timmy, who was a professional wrestler in the past. Now Timmy is very angry at Wendy and he has a desire to kick the ass of this self-confident bitch.
!!! If you see a black screen, please wait for the game to load.

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