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Adult game: “Cassie Cannons 2 – Mounds of trouble”. Continuation of the story about a sexy journalist, Cassie Cannons, who is conducting a investigation about a gang of scoundrels distributing drugs at the University of MNF. She needs to get material about corruption in the city’s police department. Cassie, with her stepson, Clint, goes to the awards ceremony, “Metropolis MNF Officer of the Year,” where she hoped to get some information, since police detective Griffin Bridges was involved in this dirty case. Clint had his own plans, he wanted to interfere with the investigation by putting the restless stepmother to sleep, but by mistake, instead of sleeping pills, Clint slipped a sexual stimulant into Cassie’s glass. The guy knew about Cassie’s sexual adventures, he was aware of what she was doing with his friends, and now Clint had the opportunity to get to know his stepmother’s pussy better.

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