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Free sex game: “Christmas vanity”. Events take place on Christmas Eve. During the year, Tyler developed special glasses with which you can see people in underwear or in nude. And so they are created. After checking the glasses on Michael, Tyler went to his girlfriend, whose name is Mia, to share the joy. The girl had just finished training in the gym, and to celebrate, she allowed Tyler to fuck her in the boobs, right in the locker room. Further, Tyler ran to buy a Christmas present for Mia, she dreamed of a robot cleaner. Since all the robots were sold out, and the sample showcase, the seller does not want to sell in order to receive the desired gift, Tyler will have to help the store and work in the delivery service. It’s not a problem. Driving a snowmobile, deliver the parcel to the address, but do not forget on the way to pick up the fuel tanks. Well, now Tyler has a robot cleaner, and the store is indebted to him. Tyler will get the debt from the saleswoman. If he guesses which tattoo is below her waist, she will give him a blowjob. But do not get carried away for a long time unfamiliar girl, because at home, Mia is waiting for Tyler, and she also prepared a surprise for her beloved friend. Merry Christmas!

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