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Porn game: “Concubines of Whoredor”. Events take place on a distant abandoned land called Whoredor. There lives and looks after his evil kingdom Dark Lord. He commands a formidable army of orcs and lives in a magnificent castle designed for the most powerful rulers. But even with all his wealth, the Dark Lord is constantly depressed. The fact is that he is sorely lacking in sex and he urgently needs someone to fuck in order to saturate his thirst. In the Kingdom, there was no one to fuck, there lived terrible orcs, and female orcs, the Lord did not want to fuck. In the end, the Dark Lord decides to attack the neighboring state Erolandia, to defeat the army of warriors virgins, enslave them and forced to serve as concubines. The campaign was a success, the capital of Erolandia was defeated, and the Captain of the defenders, named Nelaana, was captured. Now the girl will have to master the new profession of sex slave. Enjoy sex while watching the Dark Lord fuck the beautiful Nelaana. But do not forget that her pussy and ass should sometimes rest from sexual games.

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