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Game Meet and Fuck: “Cupid Worldwide”. Demo version. Came Valentine’s Day, when all the people give their loved ones gifts, declarations of love and fuck. But this day not brought, Bastian, anything good. A girl named Shannon, whom he loves, does not respond to his emails, and perhaps her, is already fuck nephew big boss, Duncan. Seeing the suffering of the guy, visited him the angel of sex, Cupid, in the form of sexy little girl, that wants to help realize the value of this little holiday. With the help of Cupid, Bastian will have sex with sexy girls, elves from another world, and even fuck the woman police, that took him for a pervert and wanted to arrest, as he, bare ass lying on the road. Then, on heaven, Bastian enter into an intimate relationship with the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, which is happy to swallow his dick, and arrange a real holiday on the day of lovers.

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