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Free adult game: “Cute Yoruichi”. Events take place in Rukongai, the city of lost souls. Yoruichi, a beautiful busty girl, today dressed in a new lightweight outfit, in which she looked extremely sexy, that did not remain unnoticed by her childhood friend Kisuke. Seeing the cutie Yoruichi, Kisuke could not restrain the surging sexual feelings and fucked her. Sex was short-lived, the girl remained unsatisfied, which greatly angered her. Yoruichi offered to arrange a sex contest, they will have sex, who cannot stand it and cum, he lost, and will not masturbate for a month. They fucked for a long time and with knowledge, but in the end, both experienced an orgasm. Since no one won the contest, Yoruichi and Kisuke are not obliged to refrain from masturbation for a month.

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