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Hentai game: “Dance School”. Jeremy since childhood, loves to dance, and now he works as a dance teacher. He needs money for the rent to Mr. Foo, and if they don’t pay tomorrow he will kick ass. Fortunately for him came a girl named Emily, she really wants to learn to dance and promises to pay triple the amount. Jeremy happily starts training. A little dance and appreciating the magnificent tits and ass girl, the teacher is no longer averse to fuck sexy pupil, which suddenly fell ill leg. First, caress girl, making her intimate massage, and then give her suck dick and cum in the mouth or on the face of Emily, and after a blowjob, fuck a girl in different poses. In the midst of sex when Emily stands in a pose doggy style and Jemery diligently fucks her from behind, appears Mr. Foo, and promising to forgive all debts, joins the orgy and fucks a future dancer in gentle mouth. So the dance teacher taught the depraved pupil to dance on his dick.

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