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Sex game: “Dirty camping”. Five young people, two guys and three girls went to the nature to relax. While the girls were swimming in the lake, the guys sprayed a spray in their tents causing sexual arousal, and began to wait for the return of the girls. Back in the camp, and after spending a short time in tents, the girls felt the action of the stimulant, their pussy became wet, nipples solid, they really wanted to fuck. The girl, named Hazel, was alone in the tent. Not having coped with the sexual desire on her own, she invited the guys who were waiting for this. To help the girl release steam, they amicably fucked her in both holes, and everyone was happy. In the second tent also, reigned debauchery. Two girlfriends tried to relieve tension, caressing each other. But still, their excited, hot pussies needed a real good cock, and they got it.

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