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Erotic adult game: “Dj Santa”. This happened a dark Christmas night, when all slept soundly. Charming blonde visited Santa Claus, falling straight through the chimney into the fireplace. The girl was very happy the long-awaited guest and asked him to be a DJ on their little party. Santa, though not versed in music, but nevertheless agreed that would not offend the sexy girl. Thus began their adult games. In gratitude, Santa’s got good sex, horny girl make to him a magnificent blowjob, caressing the penis plump lips, which were created in order to suck thick dick. The old man also knew a lot about sex and knew how to make nice to the woman, he happily licked the delicious pussy of slutty beauties, then put the girl in a pose doggy style and fucked her hot, sweet, small vagina, his big Christmas cock. You have to take into account the wishes of sex partners, and green regulator to control the intensity of sexual caresses.

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