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Sex game: “Escape from the tribe of amazons”. The hero of this porn game, a brave military pilot. He completed the assignment, destroyed the enemy’s weapons warehouse, and wanted to return to the base to spend a good weekend, alcohol and sexy girls were waiting for him. But the plans have changed. The engine of the plane caught fire, and he had to quickly catapult. So he was in the dangerous forests of the Amazon. Long did not have to get bored. He was discovered by naked girls with mouth-watering boobies and elastic asses that lived in local places, they belonged to the tribe of the Amazons, and have not seen male dick for a long time. The girls tied the guy, partially stripped and, having tried his cock for a taste, realized that this is what they need. So the pilot of the plane got into sexual slavery. The leader of the tribe decided to use it to replenish the population, for this the guy had to fuck an insatiable woman without rest. For the luck of the pilot, the jailer, who had guarded him, also wanted her pussy not to remain without male attention and agreed to help the prisoner escape, but first he must satisfy her. So, pleasing women, using a dick, and where the language, the brave pilot had to pave the way for freedom.

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