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Sexual game: “Gloria Gazongas – Office incidentals”. The sexiest human rights activist of the MnF Metropolis, Gloria Gazongas, continues to fight against drug traffickers in the city. After the recent events, as a result of which Gloria got the right material, Chi Longkok was charged and he was under investigation. But Longkok has a chance to escape punishment, as an excellent lawyer, Brittney, works on his side. Gloria, during the meeting with Brittney, hoped to get important information incriminating Longkok, but the negotiations reached an impasse, and it was decided to determine the fate of the drug lord with the help of the game “Ass or Tits”. Many years ago, girls played this game at parties, they took turns fucking a guy until he cummed. If a guy cummed on Gloria’s tits, she won, if on Brittney’s ass, she won. Who will win today? Will Longkok go to jail or will he be acquitted?
!!! If you see a black screen, please wait for the game to load.

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