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Adult game, demo version: “Gloria Gazongas office incidentals”. The most sexual human rights defender of the Metropolis MNF, Gloria Gazongas, continues the war against the country’s most famous drug barons. Many members of the criminal clan are already serving prison sentences, but one of them, Chi Longkok, is still under investigation, and he has a chance to escape punishment. The investigation is at an impasse, and in order to gather important information Gloria is forced to work with her college rival, Brittney Blubbabut, she is also a lawyer, but works for Chi Longkok and is interested in his release. The fate of the drug dealer will decide, big tits Gloria Gazongas and fat ass Brittney Blubbabut. Girls will play a game that was played once upon a time at parties, will perform sexual acts with Gloria’s boss. If Gloria can get a man to cum, she wins, and Chi Longkok goes to jail, if he cums in Britney’s ass, the gangster goes free.

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