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Free adult game: “Hitchhiking”. Your journey is almost over, Bay city was only 14 miles away and soon you will be able to enjoy the art of theater. It remains only to stop the passing car. A lovely woman named Sharon, who was heading too, to Bay City, agreed to take you to the city, and since all the hotels were occupied, Sharon offered to spend the night at her home. Great, let’s go home to Sharon. In fact, the woman invited you to her home not because of the kindness of her soul, she just missed the male cocks very much and really wanted to fuck. You must help the woman. So, in the bedroom, in front of you on the bed, on your knees, stands a naked woman, before fucking her, first gently caress your hands, then you can proceed to more decisive actions. Insert your dick into Sharon’s wet pussy and enjoy sex with a hot woman. During sex listen to requests of the partner. Good luck!

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