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Flash sex game: “Hypno therapy”. In this game you will be a hypnotherapist. A strange client came to you today. This is a sexy cute girl and her name is Melissa. She has problems with sex, she just can’t do it. At the sight of a naked man, the girl is very embarrassed, inside something brakes her and lovely long legs, do not want to move apart, and in such a state, as you know, to fuck her, it is not extremely convenient. And so, in the hope of help, she came to a specialist in hypnosis. You, as a true hypnotherapist, should help the beauty in her problem. It’s not difficult, you just have to fuck her, but before that, you need to enter the client into a hypnotic dream. It is necessary to do everything gently and delicately, it is important not to frighten a girl, but to give her a lot of pleasures. Then Melissa can get rid of the fear of sex, and her pussy will be ready for further use.

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