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Erotic sex game: “Lois and Donna in trouble”. In this sex game, participate the characters of the famous series “ Family Guy”. Lois Pewterschmidt Griffin with his girlfriend named Donna Tubbs-Brown hid in the house Lois to enjoy lesbian sex. Women caressed each other pussy and enjoyed sex as long until came Peter, the husband Lois. Since the door was locked, and the keys have not been Peter, he asked for help from Glenn Quagmire. Glenn is his friend, loves to masturbate and ready to fuck everything that moves. Quagmire hastened to the rescue and helped Peter to enter the house, where reigned a complete debauchery, and they found girls per intimate occupation. Girls, not at all embarrassed and offered to continue the fun together, engaging in group sex. Men, of course, was not against cram into a dick in his mouth or a hot hole between my legs depraved whores. Select a girl that will fuck the first, Lois or Donna and watch as sexy bitches derive pleasure, when Peter and Glenn fuck their horny pussy.

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