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Hentai game: “Magic in a toy chest”. Charlie has a day off today. He planned to mind his own business, but at the request of his mother, he is forced to start tidying up old things in the attic. After breakfast, going up to the attic, Charlie found a chest with old toys that he used to play almost every day. Now he has grown up and toys are no longer needed. Charlie wanted to distribute toys to those who would need them, but he was stopped by a suddenly revived fairy. She explained that all the toys are alive and turn into toys only when people are nearby and offered to make a deal. If Charlie moves the trunk to his room and promises never to throw away or give away toys, the fairy will convince other toys to come to life and grow so that they can help him in everything. Charlie agreed to the deal, he always dreamed of having obedient assistants. Help Charlie fix the broken toys so that they can please him.
!!! If you see a black screen, please wait for the game to load.

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