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Porn game: “Manjerk revenge”. A parody of the animated series “Dexter’s Laboratory”. Manjerk was working in his ruined laboratory, trying to come up with a new invention for the city science fair. Disappointed that there was nothing to work with, Manjerk, rummaging through the garbage, found an old dusty book with the inscription “The Dark Powers of JoJo”. With the help of this book, he was going not only to sabotage the inventions of his rival Dixter, but also to get his sister DeeDee, whom he has long dreamed of fucking. Having made his way through the window into Dixter’s laboratory, Manjerk, with the help of a spell, dealt with Dixter and subdued DeeDee’s will. Now the girl belonged to Manjerk and was ready to fulfill any sexual whims of her master, which she immediately did. DeeDee’s mother, who came to the laboratory, also fell under the influence of the Evil JoJo’s power and she also had a fate awaiting her, to give pleasure her master.
!!! The game works stably in the Mozilla Firefox browser, in others it may slow down.

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