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Porn game: “Matsumoto vs Tsunade”. Two of the sexiest ladies, Rangiku Matsumoto and Tsunade Senju, live hassle-free in their luxurious home. They recently hired a new servant, a young guy named Kai. And none of the women ever really thought about the homely, skinny young servant until they saw his huge cock. Rangiku and Tsunade secretly decide that they just need to get this giant dick for themselves, and so they each plan to seduce Kai separately. The girlfriends almost quarreled over their servant’s penis, but Kai turned out to be a strong guy and could well satisfy all the desires of both women. And they began to live happily, amicably exploiting Kai’s dick.
!!! If you see a black screen, please wait for the game to load.

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6 Responses to Matsumoto vs Tsunade

  • numair talukder:

    sammy can u add inked pleasure 2

  • samy:

    I added it and it works fine. Thanks.

  • Lisa:

    Hi samy,
    It looks like the games on your PC are running on an old version of the Ruffle emulator.
    Clear the browser cache.
    If the Ruffle extension is installed for your browser, update it, or better delete it.
    This site uses its own emulator.
    You can also use another browser where there are no similar extensions.

  • samy:

    I work on PC and it doesn’t work after the first conversation.

  • Lisa:

    Hi samy,
    You’re wrong, the game is working.
    You’re probably playing on a mobile device and it doesn’t have enough resources to play the game.
    The problem is solved by reducing the image quality.
    Long tap on the game screen, opens the menu where you can do it.

  • samy:

    The game doesn’t work.

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