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Sexy xxx game: “M&F’S Wonder Rub”. This instructive story is about a guy named Stern and his sexual sister Harlet, who has a cute girlfriend, Veronica. Stern and Harlet live in an expensive house and in a rich neighborhood, their parents are constantly on business or pleasure trips, and the brother and sister live as they want. Stern constantly hears how sister and her friend are complaining that they have small boobs, and the guy can help to solve their problem. Recently, Stern bought a special cream on the Internet for the growth of boobs, but that it should work, someone should be rubbing it from the opposite sex, and he will gladly help them. The girls willingly agreed to an experiment and bare their little tits, with erotic nipples, in the hope of a miracle. Miracle happened, boobs really grew like leaps and bounds, besides, from a nice massage tits, the girls got excited, their pussies became wet and now they want to fuck. But this is not a problem, Stern always will satisfy the desires of sexual girls.
!!! The game works stably in the Mozilla Firefox browser, in others, brakes are possible.

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