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Porno game: “My mom is a pornstar 2”. We will continue to get acquainted with the Miller’s family to find out what does do the pervert Dylan and his sexual mum, who in the past was a porn actress named Shea Star. There was nothing to watch on TV and Dylan went to the attic to take a video tape with some interesting film and accidentally found the game “Beer Pong” there, as well as a video cassette with a record where his mother participates in the game as a prize, and does blowjob to the winner. The guy, of course, wanted to play “Beer Pong”, and to feel his dick caressing the gentle lips of a professional whore. Blackmailing mamma by uploading a video on the internet that shows him fucking her near the pool, Dylan made Shea Star play their lecherous games. Using the mouse, throw the ball into a glass, drink beer, and try to get into other cups, which under the influence of alcohol will not be easy to do, but if you try, Dylan will get a great blowjob from Shea Star.
!!! If your internet speed is low, there may be a delay between scenes(black screen), just wait for the download.

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