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Porn game: “News Reporter 2”. The continuation of game “News Reporter”. Natasha is Nancy’s sister and a reporter from a competing news station. The sisters have always been rivals, Natasha envied Nancy and tried to get ahead of her, but it’s bad at it turned out, so she hated her sister. This is Natasha made a deal with a Ghost, she gives a magical medallion ghost, that he could be resurrected, and he lures Nancy in the house, and coerce girl fuck with her son, that would be Natasha could remove the compromising material. But the wily Natasha herself was trapped. While Natasha shoots at the camera as Justin fucks his mother, in different poses, You should control the Ghost chair to masturbate to sexy Natasha and cum on her sexy ass covered with latex, but should be wary of the medallion which can neutralize you. Then, when Natasha is chained to the bewitched chair, distraught from sex with mom, Justin, happy to fuck his sexy, delicious aunt, with big tits. Fuck he it will be hard and diligently, in the mouth and other intimate hole, and Natasha vain hoping for salvation, excited penis nephew was relentless . In general, Justin was at the height of fucking their relatives.

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