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Adult game: “News Reporter”. Nancy is a very successful journalist, news anchor on television, but lately there are no news, and its ratings began to fall. One night, she received a call from a mysterious stranger. He said that in the old castle is a painting of Vigo the Carpatian, which disappeared from a New York museum. Nancy immediately called his son, whose name was Justin, he worked at the studio of the driver, and they immediately went to the castle in search of the picture. The picture was found quickly, and they started recording the telecast, but they did not suspect that in an old canvas lives a ghost, who is not averse to have fun with cute TV presenter. You need to help the ghost to satisfy their sexual needs, but that would neither Justin nor his mother would not notice anything. And then intoxicated by the sexy magnetism of a woman, unable to resist her feelings, will be sucking dick the Ghost, and enjoy sex with depraved chair, who will fuck her in the ass and pussy. Aroused from such intimate scenes Justin, wanted to fuck his slutty mom, and that he shortly will do, but Nancy no longer care who fucks her, as she is influenced by the horny Ghost.

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