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Porno game: “Night striptease”. Once, on a warm summer night, a man was relaxing in a strip club. He enjoyed watching a striptease performed by a famous stripper named Salma. The guy behaved decently, did not brawl and did not offend anyone, he just got carried away with alcohol and drank a little extra. A vigilant security guard, noticing a drunk visitor, threw him out of the door, not allowing him to watch Salma’s performance until the end. The visitor was saddened by such an appeal, the money was paid, but Salma’s boobs, he never saw. The guy decided to correct this omission. Calling a friend for help, and waiting for Salma to finish work, they abduct the girl and deliver her to a secluded place. Now he will be able to watch striptease to the end and, as a bonus, fuck Salma.

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